Hic Et Nunc is evolving: its biggest challenge & opportunity — decentralization

Hic Et Nunc’s twitter account

“This is an experimental dApp, use it at your own risk.” — disclaimer that appeared at the bottom of hicetnunc.xyz

I found H=N in early March (I mint & collect as culturehacker) when it was starting and it was a breath of fresh air within the NFT space. The site’s UI was cryptic and felt as if it was a piece of art unto itself. There was no easy way to discover work except to dive in and get lost. It was chaotic and wonderful. Artists from around the world began to pour in and within a short period of time, H=N emerged as one of the most interesting communities for NFT/crypto art in a rapidly growing list of marketplaces. At the same time, H=N is an incredible success story. To date over 500,000 pieces of art have been uploaded to H=N resulting in millions in sales distributed across a network of more than 50,000 artists and collectors.

Now H=N faces its biggest challenge and opportunity — decentralization.

Since the site went offline last week, mirrors of H=N have been popping up across the internet.

@hen_community mobilized soon after hic et nunc went offline



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lance weiler


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