The following list was compiled by storytellers from around the globe. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to share the immersive things that stood out in 2021.

ANYTHING MISSING? Please feel free to anything that we may have missed.

The following is in no particular order

Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran —

“The show involves the online audience further…

Silence in Moonlight (2021) by Lance Weiler — part of a blockchain worldbuilding experiment made…

Digital Storytelling III: Immersive Production is a mix of theory and practice. Teams of students work to design, build and deploy a digital storytelling experience that is staged for an audience at the end of the semester. The course combines project work, mentors, emerging technologies and collaborative methods to create…

Where There’s Smoke — a virtual experience for upwards of 100 participants made with web pervasive tech

This marks the tenth time that I’ll be teaching Digital Storytelling II, a course I developed in 2011. The class gave birth to the Columbia University School of the Arts’ (Columbia DSL) as well as helping to inform a new MA in emerging media that mixes theory…

“Parking Rooms:” speculation by and

Zoom-bodies as the perfect antidote to our challenge of creatively enabling a community of strangers to produce collective art in a two hour virtual gathering.

The following was written by Romy Nehme

From the Futures hosted its fourth global virtual gathering Thursday, May 7th. It was our sixth event (including two workshops) since the shelter-in-place orders froze all life around the globe. …

A rich media moodboard with video, animate gifs, photos and more — created with Miro

Cursors frantically dart across the screen like a swarm of ants. There is a level of confusion at first as everyone attempts to get their bearings. Over the next 20 minutes, participants will be working together in silence to shape a number of possible futures. …

lance weiler

Storyteller working with Code - Founding member & Director of the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab - curates @creativemachines

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